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JOB TITLE: Security Guard Monitor
DEPARTMENT: Administration Department
REPORTS TO: Director
FLSA STATUS: Non - Exempt

This is a full time position under the direction of the Library Director. Within the frame work of
established library policies and procedures the incumbent assists the library staff in maintaining
a safe and secure environment for service to the public. Protects and maintains the library's
materials and property. Work with staff from other departments as needed to provide quality
service to the Library in conformance with Library policies and procedures and professional


• High school diploma or GED
• Minimum two (2) years security related experience preferred;
• Ability to read and comprehend, in English, communicate in an effective manner both
verbally and written with library patrons. Bi-lingual in Spanish a plus
• Appraise potential problem situations quickly and discreetly, and effectively defuse them
without disruption of library services
• Supervise and assist the library staff in emergencies;
• Develop a good rapport with library patrons, supervisors, staff, and other law
enforcement agencies.
• Remove disruptive patrons from library property.
• Report incidents and problems to appropriate law enforcement agencies.
• Conduct all library business in a professional and cooperative manner
• Assist with the evacuation or movement of the public in emergency situations.
• Patrol library building and grounds.
• Assist in the retrieval of lost, stolen, or overdue materials.
• Implement library policies and procedures.
• Answer questions from the public's questions.
• Perform additional duties as assigned by the Library Director.


The North Chicago Public Library is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants
are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
national origin, age, marital status, military or veteran status (except dishonorable discharge),
disability or any other status protected by law.

This job description describes a general category of jobs. In order to meet the needs of
Library government or its departments, employees may be assigned other duties, in addition
to or in lieu of any of those described and duties are subject to change as requirements of the
job change.

The omission of a duty does not exclude it from the position if the duty is similar, related or a
logical expectation for an individual to perform as part of the job responsibilities or if
necessary to assist the Library to provide services to the public under changed or unusual



North Chicago Public Library is committed to providing a secure, comfortable atmosphere for
its patrons. In addition to offering a welcome setting for recreational reading or research, a
safe environment, both inside and outside is of utmost importance. To achieve these goals,
guards must provide sufficiency to ensure the safety and protection of patrons, the library and
its contents.

At the beginning and ending of each shift the security guard will sign the log located at the
circulation desk and make appropriate entries during the shift. While on duty, guards are to be
constantly circulating throughout the building and the grounds. Not only are guards to walk
through the center of the various departments, but also around the parameters, looking for
disruptive behavior, potentially dangerous situations, and any emergency situation such as
fire or flooding.

Excessive talking with the Library staff is discouraged, as it is taking them away from their
duties, and can be annoying to nearby patrons. Guards are on duty to provide security
services, not library services, and are therefore not expected to be performing any duties
behind the circulation desks. Under no circumstances are guards to be answering reference
questions, discussing Library policies and procedures, or handling financial transactions with

As rounds are made throughout the building, the public rest rooms should be checked every
hour. Any apparent problems with the fixtures should be reported to the librarian on duty. Also
check the conference room for any disturbance.
Throughout the shift period, it is important to check the building and grounds for damage. Any
damage noticed should be brought to Library Director's attention. Any maintenance needing
to be done should be brought to the attention of the Library Director.
The parking lot should be checked at least once each hour. Before going outside, the person
at the circulation desk should be notified so if the guard is needed quickly, the staff will know
where to look first. While outside, the door located on the west side of the building should be
checked to be sure it is locked.
Each department has a series of closing routines which should be consulted to be sure the
building is closed properly and all equipment is turned off.
Fifteen minutes prior to closing time, the public rest rooms should be checked one final time.
Check the small appliances to see that none have been left turned on.
Walk through the boiler room and adjacent storage rooms to be sure all lights are turned off,
and that there are no unusual circumstances.
At closing time, both sets of lobby doors are to be locked, and checked to be sure they are
tightly latched.

The security guard will turn off all lights throughout the building. Check to be sure all lights are
turned off.

The staff will exit the building through the staff entrance on the west side of the building. The
security guard will set the alarm once everyone has exited. To properly activate the alarm
system, the staff door must be closed first.
Check the doors on the outside of the building to be certain they are secure.
The security guard is to remain in the parking lot until all staff members are safely on their


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